Photography & Videography Services

Shine The Light


There is a lot to be written about horses and Nikki has done her best to help in that direction but she also loves to photograph anything equine. Some of the photos end up in her art studio as works on canvas, others on cards and others are licensed for product manufacturers on fabrics, shopping bags and promotional equestrian items. Her photography work typically captures horses in motion, and some of her award winning photos have also been noted for succinctly capturing the horse/human connection.

Naturally, it’s all about the light….

If you have a stallion, horse for sale, special event or clinic or simply would just love to have some super photos of your backyard horse or pet, she is available to cover your needs. Her photography has graced the covers of magazines and equestrian press, been highlighted in stallion advertisements, international horse sale advertisements and she has also provided Corporation coverage of their presence at special events internationally.

Put a professional eye behind the lens to work for you!

You can buy Nikki’s photos from stock at the click of a button via Paypal/credit card in the store. If you purchase written works Nikki will provide two photos to go with the article for a nominal additional fee which it is your option to use or not.


Looking for video coverage of a clinic, event, inspection or a promotional or how to video? Nikki can provide services utilizing the latest state of the art Canon hardware for any event.

Making movies is fun

Video blogging and video content for your digital publication or business website is also available. With experience at the international level in dressage there is lots to talk about. The farm, located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains on which Nikki resides offers a magnificent view from the mountaintop, offer the perfect backdrop plus there are plenty of horse ‘models’ of all ages suitable for interaction and demonstration of training or of any equine product or service.

Beautiful equine models

Over the years Nikki’s horses have appeared in several productions, movie shoots, product commercials and retail catalogs. Horses are available from Baroque foals through Grand Prix horses and her husband ( also a successful international Grand Prix competitor), provides demonstrations in the saddle and in hand on any dressage or general horse care topic. Added bonus is his also has that Brit accent!
Also offered webinars and podcasts for your digital publication.

One stop shopping

Additionally Nikki can provide video duplication services through a reliable third party provider at discounted rates and include personal complete project oversight, menu guidance, production and format advice. She can also offer marketing directives, construct your own website for promotional purposes of any production.


A chance to shine

Well if a photo tells a thousand words then imagine what a video tells

The most fun ever

Many of video clients start out a bit shy in front of the camera but not for long. We can provide two British anchors for any production, Nikki and her husband Paul. Paul was actually on the radio in London for a bit, with his extra smooth and calming voice! But many clients do it themselves and truly enjoy it. So come join in and have ‘the most fun ever.’