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Fresh, unique copy that captivates your readership is imperative for the success of your publication. Whether you have article ideas of your own or would like to be pitched (First Time Rights pieces) or if you wish to select from stock articles (One Time Rights), you can find it all here.


Articles generally run 1500 to 2500 words depending on topic but articles on assignment may be produced to your specific requirements. Short burst articles, newsletters, blogging, e-blast content and special website ‘pop-ups’ are also available.

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Nikki also has extensive journalist experience providing event coverage and is available to travel nationally and internationally to cover any type of event.

With a background in horse breeding, as an international level Grand Prix dressage rider/trainer/clinician and being a Brit who has called America home for the past thirty-four years, Nikki brings a unique perspective to the equestrian world. In addition Nikki has experience in multi-disciplines and can write advanced highly technical articles on dressage through more basic and broad base appeal topics on horse and pony care, horse management and training, and rider education. Please visit the MEET NIKKI page to read her full bio.

Some of the many publications that have honored Nikki and/or continue to honor Nikki by publishing her works include:-

The Chronicle of The Horse
Horse & Hound,
Dressage and CT
Horseman's Yankee Pedlar
American Warmblood
The Equine Journal
Spur Magazine
Harlem Valley Press
Horses All Canada
Horse Bits
Horse USA
New York Horse
Pony Quarterly to name but a few.

All articles are offered for print and/or website use.
The author requires a byline, shirttail and payment on submission/acceptance of any article for publication.
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Photos to accompany the article are offered on assigned articles for a nominal fee.

Nikki’s Backyard

With her location in Stamford, NY Nikki is ideally situated to cover HITS on the Hudson, Saugerties, NYC events, Syracuse and Upstate New York, Northern New Jersey and New England. Coverage is available not just for her specialty of dressage, but also eventing, showjumping and any other discipline.

Regular haunts are NEDA Fall Festival, Stockade Dressage Days ( formerly Dressage at Saratoga where she covered it too), ENDYCTA events in general, USDF Recognized events across the North East, breed inspection sites for all breeds, eventing coverage at Chatham/Millbrook, Walnut Hill Driving, Syracuse Horse Shows, to name but a few.

Nikki’s Playground

Event coverage is available in Europe too particularly Germany, Switzerland ( where she trains/shows on/off with her Grand Prix coach Greta Kemmer), and Britain. She regularly attends the Elite horse auctions abroad. You can of course send her wherever you like. As you will know if you’ve read the Meet Nikki page, her second passion after horses is travel!

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Is Drama Free Dressage Possible?
A look at the vagaries of competitive dressage and daily life at a dressage barn.
You Are What You Wear
A look at the latest equestrian fashions and how they may help you or just break you (financially).
Canter On
Training advice on schooling the early canter
That French Versus German Thing Again…
Differences of opinion count
The Core in Core Connection
What are they talking about?

Guaranteed to be popular....

Seven Deadly Sins of Haymaking
Saving horses from illness and barns from fire, a top priority and this is a succinct article that spells out just how to avert disaster.
Guide to Flying Changes
The bogie for dressage riders moving up the levels. Get expert tuition.
A Trip to the Spanish Riding School with great photos.
Not what you’d expect. How an American (well Brit/American) was treated and what was experienced first hand.
The Ups and Downs of Saddle Fitting
There are many. Some clear concise advice.
Mothers Don’t Let Your Horses Grow Up Without Cowboys.
Well we don’t bounce as well as we used to as we age and cowboys seem to have a whispering talent don’t they?

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