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The spice of life

The creative design of content on a website speaks to the topic but also the owner’s vision. Nikki can provide a variety of ‘voices’ in her writing. Chatty or formal or something in-between.
For example this resume website


showcases coherent formal business style for the serious audience of job recruiters.

It's you out there

Utilizing a combination of Nikki's broad writing experience and strong visual skills, combined with graphic design experience working for the Ministry of Overseas Development, Nikki can provide you with an appealing, well connected website for your personal or business use.
She works with a two proven I.T. industry professionals who handle the technical aspects of 'put' on the site and together they create a technically efficient site with an artistic flourish. Site maintenance and management may be included if you wish. Nikki will also work to raise your site on organic profiles, open directory and can also include provision of working/running your social media sites.
You can request images and text for your site be produced from her in house resource at nominal expense and/or she will travel to your location to capture whatever product or promotional material you would like to include.


As you probably already know website costs vary immensely from company to company. Prices may be by hour, by page or by package. Some companies outsource the business overseas and some are U.S. developers or freelancers with little or much experience. offers a variety of options. They can tailor to fit budget constraints in set up, while optimizing update and maintenance flexibility for cost effective monthly expenses for small and large businesses. As you also probably already know, websites that stagnate will receive diminished rankings by search engines in organic searches and will not be well profiled so you should always look for a service that will provide regular updates at a reasonable cost.

Experience Counts also offers management of advertising budgets, lots of free advice, press release/PR services, professional writing services, in house photography and video production and embedding services, social media management. She offers a personal approach with lots of experience.
We do not outsource and all work is in house with U.S. developers. References are available on request and we will try to match references with projects similar to your own to give you an accurate picture.
Website development prices vary depending on complexity of the task i.e. interactive levels; e-commerce sites; company profile/brochure; utilization of our images and professional PR/Marketing writing;
Current available pricing between $1500 - $20,000 per project.
Complex e-commerce operations may run higher.
Host services cover the full gamut of options in addition. Prices start from $70/per month basic coverage for light maintenance/hosting to $500 or more per month for e-commerce sites depending on volume updates and management.

NASStudio Websites

Here are a couple of the websites that she has designed and her comments:-
 "It was wonderful to work with this celebrated fine artist and author/illustrator. I provided all the photo shoots of his work, together with all the copy for the site as well as the overall design. Michael also utilizes my services as a PR specialist. My PR and publicity services are available at a low cost as part of the site maintenance fee, so are very affordable. I love helping fellow artists achieve their dreams and working with Michael's imaginative images was huge fun."


Nikki is personally available to sit down with you, chat via conference/online/phone etc. to discuss your needs and to address questions you may have about web site development. Don't be shy!! We've lots of experience and are very proud of the success of the web sites we have developed to date and are happy to share our professional knowledge. will provide a professional image for you and/or your company, artfully crafted for maximum visual appeal, valuable well written content, active keywording and web site optimization and security protection.

Software utilized: Dreamweaver (including all spectrum adjuncts Flash, Fireworks etc), Quark, Photoshop Extended/Advanced ,
Also proficient in CAD software and design applications.
Hardware: Mac (and all I Mac applications including iworks, ipage, podcasts, webcasts etc).
Social media management including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linked In etc..