Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How do I receive my article when I purchase at the store?
  2. Question 2, What are the terms of payment for articles on assignment?
  3. Question 3, As a publisher can I edit all materials?
  4. Question 4, If I purchase First Time Rights on an article how long do I have to publish it before it reverts to your copyright for One Time Rights?
  5. Question 5, If I purchase an article on First Time Rights can you guarantee it won’t appear in other competitive publications later?
  6. Question 6, Do you guarantee that you will cooperate with my publication should any copyright issues or plagiarism issues ensue post publication?
  7. Question 7, Do you protect the copyright of your articles?
  8. Question 8, How can I use the photographs I purchase either from stock or with articles?
  9. Question 9, How will I receive the photos I purchase?
  10. Question 10, Do you guarantee that PR/Marketing work you provide for my agency will be handled confidentially?

Answer 1:

Once payment is received the article will be emailed to you within 48 hours to the address on the payment or you can make a note in comments box to have it emailed to a different address.

Answer 2:

Payment is requested within 7 days of submission if publisher accepts the article.

Answer 3:

You are welcome to make small edits to the articles on the condition they do not change the gist or purpose of the article. You may also excerpt the article. All use requires byline to author.

Answer 4:

Once an article is purchased you have up to six months to publish the article before it reverts to One Time Rights. You can also request an extension if this becomes necessary.

Answer 5:

If you purchase an article on First Time Rights and notify the author of the timeline where it will appear in your publication there is some flexibility to extending the timeline so as it does not appear elsewhere while it is current in your publication. You can also request exclusions for One Time Rights offering to exclude neighboring geographical publications. This is at the option of the author.

Answer 6:

Yes. All work is guaranteed to be Nikki Alvin-Smith’s own and naturally she would fully cooperate with your publication as necessary given the article was published as submitted. In her history of writing which is extensive these issues have never arisen.

Answer 7:

Yes. Rarely it has occurred that publications have infringed on copyright of Nikki’s works and they have been adamantly defended to successful outcome on all/any occasions.

Answer 8:

You can use them in your publication as you please conditional that photo credit to Nikki Alvin-Smith is provided. You may not transfer copyright to any other person or entity or resell and may not use them for placement on commercial products not related to media.

Answer 9:

You will receive them within 48 hrs of purchase from stock or together with articles as requested via email.

Answer 10:

Nikki has worked with agencies large and small and always guarantees confidentiality and additionally guarantees to never back solicit your customers.

For any other questions please contact through email or phone.