Fine Art

What Possesses Me?


“As a child walking to school I was always intrigued by the details of nature along my way. The dew on the spider’s web, the colors in a sycamore leaf in Autumn, the brightness of the sun flickering through a tree. Nature inspires me. Especially the plays of light.”


“I have been told my artwork is full of light and has a romantic air. Not too surprising to those that know me!”

What possesses me?

I adore working with on canvas as I love the way you can quickly change up anything you paint and correct mistakes, play with the shapes and colors. Oil paints have a real true to nature color and I prefer these to acrylic paints. . This is a new medium for me and my internationally renowned artist 'mom', has been a fantastically patient coach in the past few years. We have completely different styles, but sharing a giggle over mistakes and a glass of chardonnay after the natural light has gone have been precious times. She likes to come and charcoal over my work at times driving me batty, but she is always right (well...almost always)....

Always at art galleries

Artist wise my favorites are the gaiety and colors of Renoir, the light of Degas and the romance of travel. I've been very fortunate to live briefly in London and spent many hours visiting Turner at the Tate and Stubbs, Van Gogh and Da Vinci at the National. I think we lost our Chemistry teacher at the National. Where was he? Visiting Mona. We nearly missed the curtain at Toad of Toad Hall. Think I was about nine. You can see, art has long been of interest to me!

Times at the Louvre

Museums in Vienna are too enormous to believe, Monet at the MFA in Boston was a treat and Degas at the Louvre is still yet to be achieved!! I came close - but my ten year old son became trapped in an upstairs bathroom of one of their cafes, requiring hours to rescue. Thus I missed my opportunity! The museums were closed. Though I did glimpse Rodin through the glass. Aaggh. Never mind, a good excuse to head back one day.

Yes I exhibit

My passion for nature and horses will soon become apparent. I hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for taking the time. Please visit the store options to purchase. My works are also sometimes available for purchase at exhibits at CANO, Oneonta, NY gallery at the Wilbur Mansion.


The big picture

“There is nothing better than indulging yourself and picking up a paintbrush. You don’t have to be good. Just enjoy the process. It’s a great mental release of any anxiety or stress. One of my heroes, the wonderful Winston Churchill used painting to overcome his ‘black moods.’ Come to that he was also an author. Amazing the diversity of talent you can find in one person.”

The gift

“ To be able to express oneself through different mediums is truly a gift to be honored. I have a way to go with it all but I am enjoying the journey.”