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Need freelance help for your busy PR firm? Fast turnaround, exacting copy and strong writing skills guaranteed. Retainer options available for the ups and downs of your business cycle so you always have a professional on hand you can activate as and when needed.

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Punch it up

Take your brand to the next level with expert text to engage your audience and create a fan base and develop sales for your business. Find your unique selling point to ensure your advertising stands out in the herd. It is all too easy to miss the mark in the busy network of social media and immediate internet interest.

Social media influencing, engaging blogs, fabulous feature articles and fresh content for your e-blasts and newsletters all combine to draw target audience into the sales funnel. Content strategy advice and budget friendly PR/Marketing packages from economy start-up to VIP remote team member packages are available. From Executive Summaries to white papers and e-book publishing, website content and dynamic press release programs that get picked up, Nikki brings a wealth of help to grow your sales. On point, on time, approachable and accessible creative works that engage riders to read and pet owners to participate. Good copywriting is the gift that keeps on giving, compounding organic searches over time.

Experience Counts

Nikki has extensive experience producing and designing corporate brochures, press copy, public relations materials and advertising copy, email blasts, newsletters.

Some of the corporations she has produced for include Cargo Handling UK Ltd., Cargo Express UK Ltd., Cargo Bond UK Ltd., Cargo Forwarding Inc., Cavalor, Equiwinner, Horsemen's Laboratory, The Horse Studio Inc., Manna Pro, Matrix Therapy, Resume Writing Services Inc., Resume Professional, The Masters Golf St. Andrews, The Real Asset Investor, The Algarve Travel Guide, Willowview Hill Farm International. Fleetwood Farm, Catskill Seasons Inn, Kortright Construction, D. Michael Price. Zook Cabins.

Experience in this arena counts to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck!

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Where is the leadshank?

So advertisers, stand by the gate with me for a minute.

Think of your reader as a haltered horse grazing in the field. Munching happily.
Sees you coming.
Your ad is you rattling the bucket of grain.
Hide the lead rope behind your back.
The horse raises his head. Ears pricked.
You rattle the bucket again.
He starts to move towards you.
You rattle it again.
He walks towards you and thinks about trotting.
You rattle it again, more urgently this time.
He’s decided. He breaks into the trot and heads straight for you.
You hold the bucket out to his nose.
He sniffs it suspiciously. Ah, you added a chopped apple to the grain.
He goes to dive in for a mouthful but just as he moves you clip on the lead rope.
You give him his reward. He chows down. Finishes. Licks his lips. Grunts a thanks and doesn’t want to leave.
A quick pet. Yes, he’ll be back next time.

That is what your writer should be able to accomplish in the advertising copy. Advertising copy that peeks interest, educates and overwhelms the reader’s reservations is what counts.

No time? Pick up a budget friendly package.

Your business needs nurturing and you are run off your feet just keeping up with the day to day tasks Never mind finding time to effectively grow your brand and promote sales. Your website, e-blasts, social media channels are all intent on gobbling up your valuable time.
Don’t let them! Just provide the salient points you want conveyed and leave the writing to a professional.

I wish I had…

Don’t be that person. Capture your audience quickly with professional writing help. Nikki offers flexible packages for your every need. Just ask!
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