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Experience Across Many Disciplines...

Articles available from basic equestrian topics through advanced highly technical works. Nikki's experience includes showjumping, eventing, trail, dressage, horse breeding and all aspects of horse care.

International Level Grand Prix Dressage ...

Nikki has competed in Europe to scores over 72% at Grand Prix and trained several horses from birth to Grand Prix. In addition she is a highly sought clinician both nationally and internationally and brings a world of experience to all aspects of dressage training and breeding/importing/selling and buying horses.

Whatever You Need ...

Need a quick filler from stock? Have a looming deadline and looking for fresh, engaging copy? Need a columnist? Nikki provides versatility on topics and flexibility to meet your budget criteria.


“I would recommend and use your service for everything!"
Anna Leonard. Director of Marketing HITS, Inc.

"You have a very special writing voice, thank you for joining us."
Ivan Bezugloff, Jr. Publisher, Dressage & CT, Co-founder USDF

"Nikki brings great energy and her British thoroughness, humor and writing talent make for a great partnership."
Sonja Lowenfish, Editor, American Warmblood

"Superb knowledge on equestrian products and equestrian lifestyle. Succinct and engaging writing and always on time."
Kathy Collins, Sales Manager, The Horse Studio Inc.

Why I Write

I write to make a difference. To cast an educated eye, a unique look, an intelligent perspective.

I was extremely fortunate to find great editors to work with early in my career. In the beginning I covered events and wrote ‘how to’ articles for The Chronicle of the Horse (COTH) working with John Strassburger. My published works have appeared in The Horseman’s Yankee Pedlar, The Equine Journal and Horse USA, Horse and Hound, Horses All, Reiter on a variety of topics and technical dressage works for many including the much revered Dressage and CT working with the wonderful Ivan Bezugloff, Jr. to name but a few. Additionally I have provided PR/Marketing services for agencies as well as worked on precise timelines with manufacturers and service organizations both nationally and internationally.

A Passion for Horses


Always a Writer

From an early age I always had my head buried in a book. As an eleven year old in my first year at Grammar School I won the 1st form prize for English and my dear teacher, Miss O’Keefe was a true mentor to my young writing spirit. I guess it was a ‘fait accompli’ that I would become a writer. My passion for horses was apparent from my first ride on a pony at Whipsnade Zoo as a toddler when I asked my grandfather for another go around the circuit. “ Again. Again.”


Training Horse and Rider

To attain success in any endeavor complete commitment is required. I have loved the road I have trotted to Grand Prix and thank everyone that has helped me along the way from the iconic masters of the sport such as Herbert Rehbein to my dear husband Paul, who shares a lifetime of passion for horses.


Photography and Fine Art

My mother is an internationally recognized artist and it was at her knee I learned to paint. My favorite medium is oil on canvas. The large variety of images I have in my photography stock inspire me pick up the paintbrush. You’ll be shocked to hear that horses always feature in my portfolio alongside landscapes and flowers!