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Canine Comfort in Kennels
Canine Comfort in Kennels-First Time Serial Rights


Price: $290.00

An insight into modern day kennel design and canine care. Help for pet owners and K9 and rescue professionals with how to minimize their workload and maximize the health of canines in their care.  
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Ready. Shed. Go. Vacuum.
Ready. Shed. Go. Vacuum-First Time Serial Rights


Price: $290.00

Tools and practices to help the pet owner handle the daily coat care of their dogs. Skin issues, coat care and keeping the hair in best condition.  
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When I Go Away
When I Go Away-First Time Serial Rights


Price: $290.00

Doggy day care, safety of the pet when left at home, crate training and kennel keeping. What to look for in boarding care and how to protect your pet from stress and medical issues.   
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Who Let The Dogs Out
Who Let The Dogs Out -First Time Serial Rights


Price: $290.00

Tips and advice on keeping dogs on your horse farm, how to make money with kennel care and board options and reasons dogs can be a hazard not a help on the farm and how to deal with those issues including...  
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Your Hands Can Work Magic
Your Hands Can Work Magic-First Time Serial Rights


Price: $195.00

In the pet category Nikki often writes on the topic of canine care and her latest article, Your Hands Can Work Magic, the topic of utilizing non-invasive therapies for animal health including massage,...  
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