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With over 25 years experience as a clinician/coach/competitor at the international level, Nikki addresses how riders can best handle their self-doubt and manage their focus to succeed in their equestrian pursuits in this series of 3 articles. Designed to empower riders at all levels and in all disciplines, this series is available as a package purchase.

Part 1. Lets Be Honest ~ 2000 Words - First Time Serial Rights
From riders at the top eschelons of sport to those starting out, many equestrians suffer from nerves, anxiety and even depression. This article provides advice based on personal experience of how to handle the ups and downs of riding, training and competing horses.

Part 2. Access Your Off Button ~ 2000 Words - First Time Serial Rights
Seasoned competitors know that just like their horses, they cannot run at 100% all year long. Riders will learn how to access their off button and to maximize their enjoyment of their time spent with horses using a balanced approach to daily life.

Part 3. Everyone Has An Inner Spirit. Channel It. ~ 2000 Words First Time Serial Rights
Harness the power of the inner spirit and learn how to channel it with these simple mindful exercises designed to empower self, engage the mind and refresh the spirit.


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